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How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

You must always bear in mind that HGH is a supplement and it is designed to boost your other efforts of personal improvement and physical performance. If used correctly and you plan your training programme well then your gains will be incredible.

hgh resultsA healthy diet. This is a no brainer but it’s never a bad thing to stress its relevance. HGH works best with a protein rich diet as it relies on these nutrients to supply your muscles and body with the all important body repairing amino acids. Energy foods include pasta and fruit but restrict your sugar intake, particularly after training. Cheap human growth hormone will use the natural sugars to fuel your body during workouts and the protein afterwards is critical in recovery.
Protein also goes towards testosterone production, an essential part in healthy strong body. Testosterone will give you a greater feeling of energy and will improve muscle growth. Your diet should suit your lifestyle too so don’t worry if there are a couple of vices, just make sure you use them as rewards for your efforts.

Regular, but efficient exercise. Exercising is a crucial part of a HGH programme. Keep it varied and intense in order to challenge your body. The more you challenge yourself the harder your body will work to meet your demands, thus increasing your fat burning or muscle building. Exercising shouldn’t be beyond your limits however. Never push yourself and risk injury as this is counterproductive. HGH strengthens bone structure and joints but you shouldn’t over do exercise.

Drink plenty of water. Your body needs plenty of water to correctly function and drinking about five pints a day will give your body the right amount of fluid to stay hydrated. Always drink before during and after exercise to prevent further dehydration. HGH is a great way of providing your skin with the right liquids to keep it healthy and making sure there is water available for your body is essential. Water is also used in muscle growth and repair.

Maintain a regular sleeping pattern. Most of your bodies repairs are carried out when you sleep and it is always important to get enough sleep in order to stay fresh and beat fatigue. HGH will help you sleep but more importantly it will help your body recover whilst you sleep. Avoid sugars before you go to bed as these will be stored as fat rather than burnt. Eat a protein base dinner at least an hour and a half before bed.

Record Your Progress. If you keep track of your gains it will always make it easier to see the most successful methods for you to train with. Certain workouts and exercises may build up your body in different ways and it is good to know what has an effect on your body. Tracking your diet is also helpful as it will give you an insight into the effects of certain foods on your system and the motivational effect of seeing your gains written down is a great boost to your drive to succeed.

How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

HGH or human growth hormone is being hailed as the Elixir of Youth and this is not without reason.

Growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain and is composed of 191 amino acids, The main function of this hormone is to enable the liver to produce Insulin Growth Factor IGF1 which triggers tissue and bone growth throughout the body.


Production of growth hormone is at its highest level during puberty or adolescence and provides maximum resistance to diseases and infections associated with the process of growing up. However, this production begins declining after the age of 30 and this hampers your body’s ability to repair cell damage taking place on a day to day basis. This is what makes your body age. As people get older and older they find it difficult to stay in shape and most people tend to gain fat specially around the waist.

Growth hormone therapy is known to help people get better body shape by reducing the fat deposits. It is known to enhance metabolism and this allows your body to burn more fat and increase your energy levels. It also encourages enzymatic reactions called Lipolysis which helps breaking down fat.

Not only this, it also helps your body to gain lean muscle. This has a very positive impact on your body shape. Losing weight accompanied with gaining lean muscle is something that no other weight loss regimen can help you achieve.

There are many more benefits of growth hormone therapy such as increased energy levels, improved lung and cardiac function, increased libido, wrinkle reduction etc.,

It provides a complete body makeover but you need to be cautious while selecting a particular human growth hormone online product. Injections or shots produce the fastest results but they have some serious side effects. It is the natural supplements that are comprised of amino acids and other nutrients that are the best form of growth hormone supplementation.

This is because these supplements or releasers are not a replacement therapy. They are simulators that help stimulate your pituitary gland to increase its production of HGH. The biggest plus point of such supplements is that they do not have any side effects.

How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

Many of those who are not satisfied with their height, are very much interested in looking for ways to grow taller. Being tall can be very subjective to the eyes of the beholder, as we can say. One can look at a person and see that person is tall, while someone else see that person as short.

Usually, gaining height has to do with the growth hormones present in our body. These hormones are chemical components that are being produced by the endocrine glands in our system. These hormones flow in our bloodstream, and are being distributed in other parts of the body for promoting growth and development.

Growth hormones have several functions, one is through promoting growth and regulating it according to what the body needs and can deal with. While another function would be stimulating other hormones to mass produce, and perform their function for other organs accordingly.

Knowing how important growth hormones are in gaining height, there are people who look for ways to grow taller through the use of man-made procedures like injections, as well as growth hormone-releasing products. There are specific amino acids that are being used to produce these growth products, and they are actually being mass produced even without prescription. Bodybuilders, are those who usually make use of these growth hormone-releasing products available in the market today.

It is not recommended for a person to take in self medications which involves these amino acid products. There is a recommended dosage that one has to take note before taking in these drugs. If these products are not used properly, it could lead to side effects that may be detrimental to one’s health, like for instance headache, drowsiness, high blood pressure, hair loss, nervousness, and other complications.

So instead of trying out these self-medications, you may find ways to grow taller naturally by doing routine exercises on a daily basis, eat healthy foods and get some sleep. In doing this, you can promote more growth hormone release in your body. It is important that you keep away from bad habits such as drinking and smoking, which could also hinder you from gaining height naturally. Regain your juvenescence with Human Growth Hormone in no time.

How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

It is common knowledge that there is a large market for Human Growth Hormone pills either packaged as a anti-aging product or a product to enhance performance in a variety of sports. There is no question about the viability of HGH as an injection, as this is the only mode of intake that is HGH approved. The question is on these HGH pills, as HGH cannot be properly absorbed except by injection.

Just typing Human Growth Hormone into a search engine will result in a flood of products both for anti-aging and physical enhancement that would necessarily include pills. If a person is not careful he can easily be duped into buying a product that is destined to fail. It will be a waste of money and there could be a danger to your health.

Buying all these so called HGH products because we want to improve our showing in athletics or beat aging are valid reasons. Who wouldn’t want to be able to take a few shortcuts as long as the shortcuts worked. However, the problem being faced is that these pills, and sprays, and whatever oral modes of taking what we think are HGH, do not contain even a hint of HGH at all. They might as well have been calling them steroid pills or whatever they contain.

People these days should be more careful in buying Human Growth Hormone drugs over the internet, especially if they are not FDA approved. They may be sinking their wallets into things that will not work, and more importantly can be a danger to their health in the first place. The saddest part is that they may be endangering instead of enhancing their health.

The anti-aging industry and the sports industry has marketed human growth hormone in the most irresponsible manner. They have milked the wallets of people thinking their products work, and have claimed minimal risks and side effects. They go as far as claiming a product has HGH when in fact, it does not contain even a trace of it. The moral of the story is, do not buy any HGH products for anti-aging or sports, it’s just not worth the risk.

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How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

Human Growth Hormone is shortly described as HGH, which is completely liable for human growth. Being produced by the pituitary gland, the Human Growth is disturbed to the brain in order to enrich the growth of human. This hormone will be in peak functioning during the time of infancy to puberty stage, and it furthers diminishes when years passes on. While considering the real fact, the formulation and productivity of HGH levels will be incredibly lesser in the middle age, rather when compared to the productivity level in teen ages. The ratio of HGH productivity will completely rely on the inherited genes from parents.

Human growth hormone will take the complete responsibility on deciding how taller you are to be grown up and of course how bigger you are to be during the time of puberty! When you grow older, the human growth hormone will be responsible for muscle tone and litheness of skin. HGH is ultimately essential and they play a significant role in enhancing individual’s metabolism. While HGH starts decreasing, then it undoubtedly signs off with aging, improved body fat, contracts muscle mass and finally results in ill health. To overcome all these troubles, Human growth hormone boosters are now available as supplements, whereby you can boost the formulation of these hormones.

Human Growth Hormone Pharmacy

Ensure that, supplements are always not risk-free. Check with your family doctor, prior you decide to consume HGH supplements. The HGH boosters has the ability to reinstate muscle mass and of course they can decrease your body fat. Moreover, they can increase your physical energy, memory power and also results in normalizing blood pressure. In fact, most sports men intake HGH supplement boosters for resulting enhanced and successful performance. People with less human growth hormone will consider using HGH, which is a familiar supplement resulting in increased energy. The benefits of HGH will include improved muscle mass, toned skin, increased body energy and many more.

If you decide taking Human Growth Hormone Supplements, it is recommended to take at least for one month. To see the exact result, it is definitely essential to consume HGH for a month. Plan a right schedule and take the supplement on a customary basis. It is always good to stick with doctor’s prescription, and so, be sure to intake the recommended dosage. The Growth Hormone HGH comes in form of pills or tablets, where no side effects have been proven till date. It is considerably safe, but it is good to consult your doctor before taking it.

How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

HGH pharmacy play a key role in popularizing the attributes of HGH. HGH pharmacy are authorized supply agencies of HGH manufacturers. HGH is called the foundation of youth since it provides vitality and energy. Hence it is also accounted as an anti ageing agent. With the advancement of science, artificial HGH products are available in the market. HGH pharmacy try to market these as rejuvenating medicines, in addition to highlighting their standard role in hormone replacement.

HGH pharmacy are the middle agents between the manufacturers and the retail agencies. The distributors include whole sale distributors, retail distributors etc, as the supply chain increases. HGH pharmacy, in the beginning days, supplied HGH from the cadavers. Now, genetically engineered recombinant HGH is provided by them. HGH pharmacy supply HGH products such as injectable HGH, sprays, capsules, liquids etc.

HGH pharmacy promote the products of most of the manufacturers. They project Human Growth Hormone as an essential supplement for the aging. Even in the absence of scientific clarifications to substantiate this argument, the distributors successfully build up a billion dollar turnover business based on it.

HGH pharmacy provide many value added services to customers who directly order the product. They also supply the products to the retailers. Some have retail outlets also. Most distributors have compounding services with expert pharmacists. HGH pharmacy help to avail of many price reductions. They offer attractive discounts for the HGH products.

HGH pharmacy are expected to supply the products on prescription. The supplements and related products have no legal approval. They are supplied to orders through mail or phone. Most of them exhibit FDA disclaimers. Some HGH labeled products may not have any components of HGH. Hence the selection of distributors must be done vigilantly.
HGH provides detailed information on HGH, HGH Products, Best HGH, Where to Buy HGH and more.

How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

Topical HGH releaser is one of the newest and most effective HGH treatments available today. But what is topical HGH releaser — and what makes it better than other forms of HGH? In this article, you’ll discover the answer to these questions, and learn why this is the best human growth hormone alternative to consider.

HGH in all its forms, including topical HGH releaser, is one of the hottest supplements in the market today. And with a little research, it’s easy to see why.

HGH stands for human growth hormone. It’s a hormone made by your pituitary gland and secreted throughout your lifetime.

However, science has discovered that as we age, our HGH levels decline.

So why would declining HGH levels be important?

Well, it’s because research has shown that declining levels of HGH are directly linked to increasing signs of aging. Some of the signs and symptoms of aging include:

  1. Lower energy
  2. Increased fatty tissue
  3. Decreased muscle mass
  4. Reduced vision
  5. Declining memory

Many medical studies, tests and research have shown that if we increase our levels of HGH, we can restore more youth and vitality — at any age.

As the public began to hear about cheap HGH and its anti-aging benefits, the demand grew for a viable, convenient and safe HGH treatment.

You see, initially the only form of HGH treatment was doctor-prescribed injections. For many years this was the only way people could get the benefits of HGH.

And this treatment came with a high cost – both to the user and to the user’s pocketbook. The injections cost a lot of money and they were painful.

And there was the risk of potentially lethal side effects like increased blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, and higher risk of diabetes. Even cancer.

Not everyone was willing to pay for painful shots with those potential side effects.


But thanks to medical advancements, HGH alternatives are available today without the use of injections, costly prescriptions, or multiple trips to the doctor.

So what are these HGH treatment forms such as topical HGH releaser? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?

There are several types of HGH products available including nasal spray, oral spray, tablets and capsules.

The truth about oral sprays is that, unfortunately, they can’t carry the HGH molecule. Scientists tell us that the HGH molecule is too large to be absorbed through the membranes in our mouths. The minimal amount of HGH that is contained in an oral spray is so minute that even if you could absorb it, you wouldn’t notice many benefits.

As far as nasal sprays and capsules go, the same is true. The HGH molecule is too large to be absorbed through our nasal membranes or absorbed by our bodies. The molecule is just too large and fragile to be administered through the mouth, nose, or internal digestion.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you not to try these sprays and capsules, many experts believe there are fillers and additives in them that are potentially harmful.

If these methods don’t work, what does?

Today, we’ve discovered that the best way to produce HGH is the old-fashioned way — naturally — with topical HGH releasers.

HGH releasers are used to stimulate your own body’s pituitary gland. They tell it to release more of your own body’s HGH — so you increase your HGH the natural way.

Because your body is just releasing more of its own HGH, there are no side effects. It’s safe, effective, and inexpensive compared to painful HGH injections.

And one of the easiest topical HGH products to use is Trans-D Tropin®.

Trans-D Tropin is a lotion that works by applying it to your skin. It begins working immediately, and you’ll see results quickly.

Trans-D Tropin is a completely safe and natural way to order HGH in your body without the side effects of other forms of HGH. When you’re ready to look and feel younger and healthier, especially if you’re over 30, Trans-D Tropin is the best alternative. It’s the ideal releaser form of topical HGH.

For more information read Human Growth Hormone News Blog.

How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

The use of human growth hormone in body building was one of the first uses of the hormone for applications other than treatment of hormone deficiency. The inspiration for this treatment probably came from early work suggesting that injections of the hormone in healthy people provoked an increase in lean muscle, increased strength and a youthful, energetic outlook. Experience among bodybuilders and athletes has suggested that regular use of the hormone does result in these physical changes.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is responsible for normal growth in children and teenagers, but it also regulates metabolic processes such as fat metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism. It’s no accident that, as hgh online levels start to decrease when we are fully grown, we tend to experience an increase in fat storage accompanied by a loss of muscle and strength. The use of growth hormone in bodybuilding is intended to arrest or reverse these changes, giving the athlete an edge in the gym and in competition. Many bodybuilders and other athletes now receive human growth hormone injections.

But there are problems with using human growth hormone in bodybuilding that athletes should be aware of. First, the hormone is banned by NCAA and WADA and other sports organizations. An athlete tested for banned substances during competition would be charged with a doping violation if synthetic HGH was found in the blood (all HGH available for therapeutic use is now synthetic). Substances taken to stimulate the release of banned hormones are also banned, so if drug testing is a factor, human growth hormone injections, and the use of hormone releasers, are not good choices.

Efficacy is another factor: does using human growth hormone in bodybuilding really work? Although studies have shown an increase in lean muscle and a decrease in body fat, it’s not clear that these physical changes give an athlete any real edge in bodybuilding or competition. That increased muscle size may not equate to increased strength over and above that achieved with other training techniques. And human growth hormone injections bring with them a host of possible side effects that can heavily outweigh any potential benefit of the therapy.

Human growth hormone injections raise the HGH level in the blood above normal level for an extended period of time. Though the idea is to bring levels back up to where they were in youth, it may be a bad idea because the hormone does have effects on the body beyond increasing muscle and preventing fat storage. Long term users of human growth hormone in body building run the risk of unpleasant side effects such as high levels of fat in the blood, thyroid problems, heart disease, depression, diabetes, and other things. Though minor damage can be reversed by discontinuing the hormone treatment, some physical changes are permanent.

Finally, human growth hormone injections are prohibitively expensive and counterfeit products are common. The hormone has to be injected and monitored by a professional with medical expertise, often on a daily schedule, but at least several times per week. The cost will run to thousands of dollars a month for comprehensive treatment. It’s ironic that it’s thought that few athletes using human growth hormone in bodybuilding, and other sports training, experience the serious side effects mentioned above because of the predominance of counterfeit buy hgh online.

How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

Growth hormones

Human growth hormone, orHGH Online, is made naturally by the pituitary gland throughout life (though especially during youth). Synthetic HGH can be given to children whose pituitaries do not produce enough of the hormone, resulting in slower than normal growth.

Because synthetic Cheap HGH stimulates body growth and muscle size and strength they can also be used to reverse muscle-wasting in patients with HIV/AIDS.

Anabolic steroids are drugs which have similar effects to human growth hormone. They stimulate tissue growth and testosterone production, and may have the effect of increasing performance in some sports. However they also have dangerous side effects including liver, kidney and heart damage or even failure. Anabolic steroids are banned by most sports.

How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

Sylvester Stallone and HGH

Sylvester Stallone says he used human growth hormone online to get buff for the new “Rambo” movie, and defends its use. “Cheap HGH (human growth hormone) is nothing,” the 61-year-old actor tells Time magazine in its Feb. 4 issue. “Anyone who calls it a steroid is grossly misinformed.

Because it is nearly undetectable, HGH has become a substance of great concern in major league baseball and other sports battling allegations of rampant doping.

Testosterone to me is so important for a sense of well-being when you get older,” he says. “Everyone over 40 years old would be wise to investigate it because it increases the quality of your life. Mark my words. In 10 years it will be over the counter.

Stallone directed and co-wrote the new “Rambo” movie, which arrived in theaters Friday.