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How Amino Acids Affect Growth Hormone Production

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
10 20th, 2009

As we age, the cells of the body gradually break down and lose their structural and functional integrity. This natural process causes all those symptoms of aging we are all too familiar with. Rejuvenating these cells to refresh their structure and energize them again can, it is believed, actually help to check the aging process and even reverse the unwanted effects of growing older and experiencing the deterioration of the body. That makes chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, simulated growth hormone and nutritional supplements a focus of intense scientific research and consumer attention and curiosity. At present there is a tremendous amount of focus on Human Growth Hormone (“HGH”) because if HGH supplementation succeeds at reversing the aging process, as it appears it does, HGH supplementation may be a practical path or shortcut to the proverbial fountain of youth.

Everyone wants to live longer and be more youthful, so those who are pursuing the beneficial effects of HGH supplementation are also intent upon understanding more about the relationship between HGH and amino acids.

Amino acids amongst other vital functions, play the key role in creating HGH, because this valuable hormone is manufactured within the body – in the anterior pituitary gland – and the pituitary gland assimilates certain amino acids during this complex biological process. There are dozens of different kinds of amino acids, and certain ones can stimulate the production and release of HGH. Specifically, the amino acids that have proven their ability to unlock our body’s own HGH include Glutamine, Glycine, Lysine, Ornithine and Arginine.

Once cheap Human Growth Hormone is produced and released through the body it stimulates important hormone production by other glands that contribute to such things as: the healing of damaged tissues or organs, weight control and metabolism, sex drive, hair growth, skin elasticity and strength, muscle density, less stress and other powerful processes. Since there is an essential link or interdependent relationship between amino acids and the production and subsequent release of potent Human Growth Hormone, those who undergo growth hormone therapy have a keen interest in amino acid supplementation.

Those people who choose not to take injectable growth hormone or synthetic forms of growth hormone and run the risk of serious side-effects are people who have the most motivation and interest in natural amino acid supplementation because taking the right balance of amino acids can trigger the body to create its own reserve of HGH. The proper assimilation of certain kinds of amino acids can eliminate the need for taking any other kind of growth hormone for the purpose of anti-aging, athletic performance, increased energy and youthfulness, or stimulated sex drive. In other words, the body may be able to use amino acids to make and release its own HGH without taking growth hormone through injections.

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So the fountain of youth that people are looking for may be found right at home within the biological system of their own body which has the ability to naturally manufacture and release Human Growth Hormone all by itself – with a little help from safe and affordable amino acid supplementation.