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The Downside of Human Growth Hormone Treatment

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
08 18th, 2009

hgh treatmentWhen it comes to treating human growth hormone diseases there are certain products, supplements and methods available. There are basically two types of HGH diseases – growth hormone deficiency and growth hormone excess. If an individual has either one of these diseases, he will often have growth abnormalities.

Doctors will explain the sides effects of the different procedures and methods such as surgery or pituitary irradiation to patients if they opt for these procedures. However, the side effects of canadian human growth hormone supplements and product that are sold in the market are not totally explained in their respective descriptions. Normally, these HGH products’ marketing materials will claim that they benefit the consumer in many positive ways such as aging, raising HGH levels and increase in muscle mass. But, due to lack of information, many consumers do not know the risk they are taking when they decide to take HGH supplements.

HGH supplements do have many side effects. These side effects often vary between individuals because of the different reaction each person has in regards to HGH supplements. Some individuals may be allergic to specific ingredients while others will not react to those ingredients. The sides effects of HGH supplements can result in chronic diseases mild diseases and even fatal outcomes. The use of HGH products without the guide of professionals may result in acromegaly, damage to liver and thyroid gland, being diabetic, swelling of the heart and hair growth on the body.

A commom fatal side effects of HGH supplements is the rise of blood pressure. People who have a history of hypertension are prone to this side effect. People who are dieting and using HGH supplements should pay close attention to their blood pressures. High blood pressure or hypertension is very deadly and has claimed many lives in the world.

Diabetes is another side effect of cheap HGH supplements. It is a disease where a person’s body could not control the rise and fall of his blood sugar levels. People who are diabetic should be very caucious before they take HGH supplements. They should consult a doctor before taking HGH supplements to determine the risks and benefits. A person might experience disturbed sleep if taking HGH supplements. Even though some people claim that HGH makes sleep better, disturbance in the sleep cycle of an individual still occurs after taking HGH supplements. The reason behind that might be partly due to the onset of dreaming or the sensitiveness of an individual to the increase in dopamine and other drugs. Other possible side effects of HGH supplements may include breast enlargement in men and organ enlargement to both men and women. And these supplements can also cause heart failure.

Due to the popularity of HGH supplements in recent years, there are many products being advertised through the internet and other publications. All of these supplements claim that they can reverse the aging process, improve deficiencies in HGH levels and increase muscle mass in the individual. These supplements comes in many forms; injectables, oral sprays, pills and natural herbal releasers. One of the most powerful attibutes of these supplements use to attract consumers is the ability to reverse aging. People are just obsessed with beauty and the possibility of forever youth that they are open to any method in order to achieve their dream of being young again. Another magnet that draws people to these supplements is the assumed capability to increase muscle mass and to stimulate the production of more lean muscle tissue. On top of that, many companies that are deperate for buyers often offer discount on prices and offer promos. Nowadays you can see all kinds of human growth hormone supplements everywhere. The main reason that these supplements exist are due to different functions and possibilities that they offers to human. Nonetheless, people should be very vigilant on any research or information alerting the possible side effects, instead of just believing the advertisement blindly.