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How To Supercharge Your Results

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 29th, 2009

You must always bear in mind that HGH is a supplement and it is designed to boost your other efforts of personal improvement and physical performance. If used correctly and you plan your training programme well then your gains will be incredible.

hgh resultsA healthy diet. This is a no brainer but it’s never a bad thing to stress its relevance. HGH works best with a protein rich diet as it relies on these nutrients to supply your muscles and body with the all important body repairing amino acids. Energy foods include pasta and fruit but restrict your sugar intake, particularly after training. Cheap human growth hormone will use the natural sugars to fuel your body during workouts and the protein afterwards is critical in recovery.
Protein also goes towards testosterone production, an essential part in healthy strong body. Testosterone will give you a greater feeling of energy and will improve muscle growth. Your diet should suit your lifestyle too so don’t worry if there are a couple of vices, just make sure you use them as rewards for your efforts.

Regular, but efficient exercise. Exercising is a crucial part of a HGH programme. Keep it varied and intense in order to challenge your body. The more you challenge yourself the harder your body will work to meet your demands, thus increasing your fat burning or muscle building. Exercising shouldn’t be beyond your limits however. Never push yourself and risk injury as this is counterproductive. HGH strengthens bone structure and joints but you shouldn’t over do exercise.

Drink plenty of water. Your body needs plenty of water to correctly function and drinking about five pints a day will give your body the right amount of fluid to stay hydrated. Always drink before during and after exercise to prevent further dehydration. HGH is a great way of providing your skin with the right liquids to keep it healthy and making sure there is water available for your body is essential. Water is also used in muscle growth and repair.

Maintain a regular sleeping pattern. Most of your bodies repairs are carried out when you sleep and it is always important to get enough sleep in order to stay fresh and beat fatigue. HGH will help you sleep but more importantly it will help your body recover whilst you sleep. Avoid sugars before you go to bed as these will be stored as fat rather than burnt. Eat a protein base dinner at least an hour and a half before bed.

Record Your Progress. If you keep track of your gains it will always make it easier to see the most successful methods for you to train with. Certain workouts and exercises may build up your body in different ways and it is good to know what has an effect on your body. Tracking your diet is also helpful as it will give you an insight into the effects of certain foods on your system and the motivational effect of seeing your gains written down is a great boost to your drive to succeed.

The Facts about Human Growth Hormones

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 28th, 2009

Human growth hormones are produced in your Anterior Pituitary gland and play a big role in cell reproduction and in your immune system function. Natural production of these hormones in your body starts to fall of when you turn twenty and is at half of its original production when you turn sixty. Several factors contribute to the decline in production of these hormones which accelerates our natural aging posses. Genetically there are few resins why, outside of not needing these hormones, our bodies slow down their production.

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When you were a baby your mother’s milk gave you an extra boost of these growth hormones. This is why babies who was not breast fed, in early development, are smaller and less developed than those that were. Some scientists theorize that the resin our bodies slow down this production is that it’s only been in the past one hundred years that the average age of the human population has surpassed fifty. Giving the body no real resin to waste energy on these hormones.

If you take a serous look at this there probably right. Two thousand years ago, which is not much time in evolutionary development, the average person lived into their thirties giving the body no resin what so ever to produce these hormones. The farther back in time you go the less the average life expectancy was. If you were a cave man you were lucky to make it passed your first birthday and was probably an elder by the time you turned thirteen and became sexually active.


The problem we face today is that our life span has reached a point that we now need these hormones in order to maintain a healthy body and productive life.

Artificial human growth hormone online like body builders takes to massively change their muscle structure are very dangerous and if taken over the long run can actually dramatically shorten your life expectancy. The good news is that there are natural compounds that if taken regularly can feed and substantially boost your anterior pituitary gland’s ability to produce these hormones.

If taken regularly a dietary supplement high in Vitamin B6, Arginine Hydrochloide, Leucine, Glutamine, Lysine Hydrochloride, Gama Amino Butyric Acid, Soleucine Valine Colostrum, Ornithine hydrochloride, and Glycine can normalize your anterior pituitary gland’s ability to produces hormones. The older you are the longer it well takes for these compounds to take effect. This is due to your anterior pituitary glands function being been shut down and needing time to repair, but if taken regularly it should be up to full production within a year. To feel the life time benefits feeding your anterior pituitary gland the nutrients it needs. Start taking these supplements in your thirties to sustain production of your growth hormones. This can only benefit your body by slowing your ageing posses. This works by giving your cells the hormones it needs to reproduce themselves like when you, we’re younger. By doing this all of your body’s organs well be able to renew themselves and preserve your health.

Human Growth Hormone Diseases: Not A Child’s Game

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
07 6th, 2009

Playing with human growth hormone diseases is not a child’s game. Furthermore, it is not a game to be played but rather a battle to win. Battling with HGH is basically a parent’s responsibility to ensure normal growth of a child.

Children are at a very high risk of being stricken with human growth hormone diseases. Human growth diseases concern the deficiency or excess in HGH that are present in a child. HGH is responsible for growth development and plays a role in metabolism processes. Children experience abnormalities in their height and body composition when they have HGH diseases.

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HGH deficiency affects the child by being relatively small for his age and having a plump body composition. This disease is more frequent in children rather than the excessive presence of HGH. However, there is hope for children with HGH deficiency because there are different ways to augment this deficiency. Children have a high chance of reaching their normal height if they start their treatment immediately after being diagnosed with the deficiency disease.

In fact, the first patient that has been treated of HGH disease is a 17 year old boy with growth hormone deficiency. The treatment was administered by endocrinologist Maurice Raben in 1958. Raben used cadaver GH by purifying growth hormone from a dead body. However, this method of treatment is seldom used today because of side effects like the Creutzfeldt – Jakob disease.

Different pharmaceutical companies have manufactured their own products in response to HGH deficiency. These products are generally put in to use by injecting them under the child’s skin. Injections on children are done daily in relatively small doses to avoid possible side effects. These doses are raised regularly based on how the child reacts to the injections. After being injected, children undergo an evaluation every three to six months. This evaluation is to observe the effects of their treatment specifically on their height and rate of growth. This is also done to check if there are side effects and to determine the right dosage for the patient.

Excessive human growth hormone can also be treated. This disease is characterized by excessive height. This disease rarely happens in children. Methods of treatment for this disease include:


  1. Surgery
  2. Medications
  3. Pituitary Irradiation

Excessive growth hormone is commonly caused by a non cancerous tumor in the pituitary gland and therefore needs to be removed. However, surgery can not be performed on children with pituitary hyperplasia. Pituitary hyperplasia enlarges the pituitary gland making it impossible to determine an area to be removed.

Medications are available if surgery if not possible on a child. Some drugs that are used are somatostatin analogues, GH receptor antagonists and dopamine antagonists. Nonetheless, these medications do not cure the disease but reduces growth hormone levels and needs to be taken for a lifetime if the disease is not cured.

Pituitary irradiation is not recommended for children and considered as a last result for patients. It is done if surgery and medication are not effective methods to treat or neutralize the GH production. This method if effective but it takes time to fully achieve the benefits of this therapy. It also affects the brain development of a child. Children treated with this disease also need to be monitored for the possible side effects of the medications and therapies that he has undergone.

Human growth hormone excess and deficiency can both affect the child psychologically and physically. Children with these diseases frequently have low self-esteem because of the feeling of being different from other children. They tend to isolate themselves from others because of their physical abnormalities. Children with low stature are often bullied and may result in a phobia. Parents should guide and constantly console their children.

HGH diseases happen to any children and it is not the child’s fault if he has the disease. It is up to a parent to win the battle for her child.