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Human Growth Hormone Build Muscle

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
02 26th, 2009

A large number of HGH or Human Growth Hormones are now available in the online shop. They are frequently used by the body builders with an intention to accelerate the process of increasing lien muscle mass in the body. They are available in capsule, spray and injection forms for the convenience of the users.

HGH has become one of the hot topics for discussion among the persons interested in bodybuilding activities. A number of people who have experimented with HGH to build muscle have responded positively to this formula. The positive response from the early users of Human Growth Hormones made it more popular and the most sought for bodybuilding supplement in the current market.

buy hghHuman Growth Hormone or HGH is found to be very effective in men who try to build body muscle mass when they get older. Teenagers and youngsters involved in bodybuilding may not require these types of supplements as they do not face the problem of hormone shortage in their growing period.

The use of HGH to build muscle is still a controversial topic. Many express different opinions on this issue. So it is always better to consult a doctor before you start using a product that provides artificial hormones to increase the process of bodybuilding.

Human growth hormones are found in the body of all of us. The presence of growth hormone in the human body will be more prevalent during childhood. The presence of human growth hormone in the body is a must to support rapid tissue growth in the human body. The presence of human growth hormone in the body of a woman will start declining when she attains puberty. When compared to younger people, the presence of this hormone in the body of older people will be less. A bodybuilder in his older age may require hormone supplements to improve the muscle mass gain.

Many who wish to use human growth hormone supplements now use HGH to build muscle mass. For the convenience of the users manufactures are making it in different forms. HGH injections are found to be faster in action than capsules and sprays.

Different companies now produce different types of hormones in different brand names. Some are even producing drugs that are all natural and claiming them to be safer than chemical based hormones. Some others even suggest doing specific exercises for increasing the level of human growth hormones as a substitute to dangerous drugs.

HGH – Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
02 17th, 2009

HGH is an exciting new phenomenon, which aspires to help us defy age, build muscle, increase vitality, and improve our quality of life in ways we have not yet discovered. Understandably, the public desperately needs and wants these benefits and is spending large amounts of money on growth hormone products. However, as with any new technology, the market is unstable and there are many unproven products and sketchy companies looking to capitalize on this growing demand and make a quick buck.

When considering purchasing an HGH product or starting HGH therapy, follow the guidelines below to get the most from your purchase and avoid getting ripped off.


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Avoid Unrealistic Claims – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Remember, the FDA does not yet regulate HGH. This enables sellers to be more liberal with their claims by choosing their wording carefully or by using fine print disclaimers. If you see a product offering 20 lbs of muscle mass in 30 days without lifting weights, or saying that you’ll look 10 years younger instantly, please use your common sense. HGH treatments usually take at least 3 months to show results. Anything telling you otherwise is just hype. If it looks like a sales pitch, it’s best to move on.

Take a Hard Look at the CompanyWho are you buying from? How long has the company been in business? What other products do they offer? Formulating an effective HGH product is not easy. It takes years of research and development, and it’s a very expensive endeavor. A legitimate company won’t pop up out of nowhere and have a viable product. Do some research to find out as much as you can. If the company is legitimate, you can expect to see other products, archived news stories, and articles published outside of their own website. If the only record of the company is on their sales site, keep your wallet closed.

Where Is The Product Coming From? – Stick with product manufactured in the United States. At least you’ll know that there is some sort of quality control imposed from the government (even though it’s not FDA regulated). Buying from countries that are not known for producing pharmaceuticals is a huge risk to your health. Also, if the product is made outside of the U.S., it will be extremely difficult to follow up with any questions or concerns after you start using the product.

What is the Guarantee? – A solid product will offer a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. These products are expensive and even the best ones do not work for everyone. A reputable company will stand behind their product and gladly give you a prompt refund if you don’t get the results you desire.