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Benefits of HGH Supplemental Therapy

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
11 30th, 2008

By definition a human growth hormone enhances tissue growth by stimulating protein formation. HGH supplements have been approved by the FDA for a wide variety of uses, not the least of which is a treatment for AIDS wasting syndrome. The human growth hormone is a natural hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. This hormone is considered to be highly important for controlling many functions. It is directly responsible for our maintained youth, vitality and energy and many of the heath benefits that are associated with these attributes. Studies done on the HGH have shown that supplements of this hormone can also help greatly in an individual’s fight against weight loss.

In a New England study done on men between 60 and 80 years old, cheap hgh was shown to reduce body fat without any other alterations in lifestyle. The men studied changed none of their daily habits such as eating, smoking or even exercise. Each man was given doses of an HGH supplement and the group lost an average of 14 percent of their overall body fat. They also gained an average of 8.8 percent of lean muscle mass during the study, and their overall appearance seemed firmer and 10 to 20 years younger.

HGH promotes growth during younger years and plays a vital role in the metabolism in adults. Our body will secrete this hormone throughout our lives, although as we get older the secretion of HGH slowly dissipates. This explains why children seem to have so much energy at young ages and as we grow older we become more tired and less active as a general rule. The HGH in our bodies control many organs and body functions and also aids in tissue repair, brain functions and other vital functions as well as helping to grow cells, bones, muscles and organs. The decreasing amounts of HGH in our bodies after we reach 30 is what slowly takes away our youth and leaves us feeling tired and less than healthy.

It normally takes a full six months of HGH supplements therapy to feel the entire benefits that HGH offers. Each month you will begin to see improved function, but to get a full picture of the benefits of HGH, it is important to understand what each month of therapy will bring and what to expect throughout your HGH supplement therapy.

In the first month you can expect improved stamina, better sleeping patterns, a much better attitude toward life in general and an astounding increase in energy from the month before.

In the second month you will enjoy an improved muscle and skin tone, improved sexual function, nail growth, better digestion and a good beginning in your weight loss goals.

During the third month you should receive a much improved mental process function, increase in muscle size and sexual desire and more flexibility overall. During the fourth month of HGH supplement therapy you should expect a much greater heightening of the first three months, which means even more weight loss and more energy than you have had in years.

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The fifth month sees a very significant weight loss and a reduction in body mass throughout your entire body. You will also see a great reduction in wrinkles and much greater skin elasticity. And, remember that beautiful hair that you had as a child, you will begin to see much healthier looking hair during this month as well.

The sixth month of HGH supplemental therapy brings about improved eyesight, emotional stability, a much stronger immune system with resistance to the common cold, flu and other ailments, lower cholesterol and a much improved triglyceride count and overall heart rate.

Of course the benefits may vary from month to month for different people, but basically research has shown that people who are actively using an HGH therapy enjoy a much more lean and healthy appearance, more youthful energy and are generally much happier overall.

Getting the Best Results From HGH Supplements

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
11 27th, 2008

Buy Human Growth Hormone is a wonderful way to ward off the aging process, feel more energized and even lose weight. However, knowing how to supplement your supplements can give your HGH therapy the added boost that it needs to work even better. One of the main things to remember while taking HGH supplements is that you need to keep your body hydrated. Regardless of which HGH supplement or product you are using, hydration is crucial for your therapy to be successful.

Think of it this way – babies have very smooth skin. Did you know that a baby’s skin tissue holds approximately ninety percent water? An adult’s tissue holds only about sixty percent water, and from middle age up it holds only about forty percent. So, water is extremely important for our skin to hold its elasticity and appear smoother. If you were to add it up, you could count on losing about two liters of water every day through normal daily activities such as sweating, breathing and emptying the body of wastes.

HGH supplements can help you to re-hydrate your body and bring your hydration back into the same range as when you were in your twenties. This is true no matter how old you are. This is also why people who are currently taking HGH supplements report that their skin feels softer and are noticing a substantial reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

It has been extensively proven that when cell volumes change cell functions are more regulated. It is currently being understood that hormones and nutrients wield their controlling influence on the activities of cells by altering the cells’ volume. And, cell volume is a function that relates directly to the hydration volume of the cell, which again points toward water consumption. Drinking water is an important aspect of our lives whether we are currently involved in HGH supplemental therapy or not.

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Fluid constantly moves into and out of cells across an electrical incline which is divided by the cell membrane. The fluid exchange in an out of cells is controlled by our electrolytes. Sodium is the main extra-cellular electrolyte and potassium is the main intracellular electrolyte. This is why you hear people saying how important these two minerals are to the body. The key to realizing the true benefits of cell function is to maximize your cells’ intracellular fluid.

Drinking water will help to maintain an overall good health, but it will not substantially alter the ratio of these important cell fluids. The key is to shift water from the extra-cellular compartments of your body into these cells.

Recent studies have shown that sodium and potassium intake has a significantly positive effect on Human Growth Hormone supplemental therapy. It is very important if you are engaging in Human Growth Hormone supplements that you pay strict attention to your sodium, potassium and water consumption every day. A diet high in water and low in sodium, as well as one high in potassium rich foods such as bananas, will help you to realize the full benefits of taking your HGH supplements.

One important thing to remember is that you should drink water regularly. Do not wait for your body to signal that it is thirsty. Thirst is the first sign of dehydration. When athletes sweat they become thirsty. This is because they are losing water during the sweating process. It is important to drink water throughout the day before your body tells you that you need it. Just 8 glasses of water each day will keep your body hydrated to the proper levels, allowing your Growth Hormone supplements to really do their job.

HGH Pharmacy

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
11 25th, 2008

HGH pharmacy play a key role in popularizing the attributes of HGH. HGH pharmacy are authorized supply agencies of HGH manufacturers. HGH is called the foundation of youth since it provides vitality and energy. Hence it is also accounted as an anti ageing agent. With the advancement of science, artificial HGH products are available in the market. HGH pharmacy try to market these as rejuvenating medicines, in addition to highlighting their standard role in hormone replacement.

HGH pharmacy are the middle agents between the manufacturers and the retail agencies. The distributors include whole sale distributors, retail distributors etc, as the supply chain increases. HGH pharmacy, in the beginning days, supplied HGH from the cadavers. Now, genetically engineered recombinant HGH is provided by them. HGH pharmacy supply HGH products such as injectable HGH, sprays, capsules, liquids etc.

HGH pharmacy promote the products of most of the manufacturers. They project Human Growth Hormone as an essential supplement for the aging. Even in the absence of scientific clarifications to substantiate this argument, the distributors successfully build up a billion dollar turnover business based on it.

HGH pharmacy provide many value added services to customers who directly order the product. They also supply the products to the retailers. Some have retail outlets also. Most distributors have compounding services with expert pharmacists. HGH pharmacy help to avail of many price reductions. They offer attractive discounts for the HGH products.

HGH pharmacy are expected to supply the products on prescription. The supplements and related products have no legal approval. They are supplied to orders through mail or phone. Most of them exhibit FDA disclaimers. Some HGH labeled products may not have any components of HGH. Hence the selection of distributors must be done vigilantly.
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HGH Homeopathic Stimulators

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
11 23rd, 2008

Natural curing is the best curing according to the research. If not, natural medicine can be the second best. This holds true with the HGH homeopathic stimulators. Homeopathy is natural and the homeopathic medicines do come with out any other effects while treating a kind of disease.

Are you here in search of HGH homeopathic medicine? Congratulations! You are at the right place and I am sure you will not be going out with out the find that you have searched for. Let us have some discussion about the various homeopathic HGH human growth hormone stimulators in the market. Some of them are,

  • Sytropin
  • 21st Century HGH
  • Always young
  • Secretagouge – 1
  • Feeling Younger with Homeopathy

You would be aware of the fact the some natural medicine like GHR 1000, Gen F20, etc. will not work for a long time. They will work but that will be for a month or so and they will then become the slave of the master gland and will not be able to produce the stimulation and release of the human growth hormone in the body.

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The main advantage of the HGH homeopathic stimulators is they are (1) natural and (2) they are very effective. There is also a potential disadvantage of these medicine is that they perform slowly. This is not the way that many would prefer in their life. Every one will have the intention of getting the remedy quicker.

21st Century HGH is among the good products in the market. It is the only medicine available in three different forms like the pills, sprays and injection. This drug is being analyzed by the FDA and it will be getting the approval as it is a homeopathic drug. You would have heard that the injection will cost around $10,000 a year or so. But here you will get it at $3000. Proven effective, they are the best sellers.

Here is the boost for the reader the HGH homeopathic anti aging drug “Always Young“. Unlike other medicine it will increase the ability of the body to produce the buy human growth hormone. There fore there is no need for you to worry, because as a regular process the body will itself produce the HGH. It does so in the presence of the following ingredients.

  • IGF – 1 extract
  • IGF – 2 Extract
  • Liver Extract
  • Pituitarium Extract

They are the substances that are used by our human bodies in the production of the growth hormone.

I have no need to explain you about Sytropin, the most used cheap HGH homeopathic drug. It is available in the form of spray and it is absorbed in the blood stream in the mouth itself and it is easy to access by the pituitary gland’s anterior lobe. Secretagouge is a unique product with nutrients and amino acids increasing the HGH and the IGF levels in the body.

Have you found the HGH homeopathic stimulator that you came in search for? I do believe you have got it.

HGH and Steroids – Differences and Similarities

Author: Super Human Growth Hormone
11 21st, 2008

Human growth hormones and steroids are generally spoken of in the same breath but there are more differences between the two than similarities. The only similarity among the two is that the derivatives of both of these naturally occur in your body. However, there are many differences between the two making each of them distinct from the other.

The first and the foremost difference between the two is the side effects. Following are some of the side effects of steroids:

Among Men:
Men encounter the following side effects:

  • Impotence and erectile dysfunction
  • reduced sperm count which in some cases declines by as much as 90% and is permanent
  • development of breasts- This condition is also termed as Gyanecomastia and results from an increase in estrogen as a
  • result of using anabolic steroids
  • shrinking/ swelling of testicles
  • difficulty or pain while urinating

Among Women: 

  • facial hair growth
  • deepening of voice
  • breast reduction
  • menstrual cycle changes etc.,

While both men and women are likely to experience acne, bloated appearance, rapid weight gain, clotting disorders, liver damage etc. As a result, they can be highly damaging to your health and internal system. There are not as many benefits to steroids as side effects which extracts a lot from your wallet and your body.

HGH, on the other hand, does not have such side effects specially when taken in the form of supplement pills or releasers. While it is true that growth hormone injections have certain side effects, releasers are quite safe. This is because they are not a replacement therapy but are simulators that help stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone of its own. It is a natural way of increasing the growth hormone production in your body so that you get it just the way you did in your growing years.

These releasers can help you combat age effects and rejuvenate energy and youthfulness. Moreover, they help revive your libido and the desire to have sex. They also help in improving your skin by reducing wrinkles and also promote thick hair growth. Another very significant effect is the improvement in your mental alertness.

There are many more benefits of such supplements.

Though these releasers are safe, make sure the product you buy is approved and recommended by doctors and is manufactured in a GMP certified lab.

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If recombinant canadian human growth hormone (rhGH) is started early in the course of glucocorticoid treatment of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), it preserves “normal growth velocity and height,” French researchers report in the July issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

The investigators randomized 30 children with severe JIA who had been on glucocorticoid treatment for 12 to 15 months to rhGH 0.46 mg/kg per week via daily subcutaneous injections, or to no Human Growth Hormone treatment, for 3 years.

There was a mean height increase in the HGH group, with a positive change in the standard deviation score (SDS) of 0.37, while there was a drop in SDS of 0.96 in the control group, report Dr. Dominque Simon of the Robert Debre Teaching Hospital and colleagues elsewhere in Paris.

Mean height velocity returned to normal in Human Growth Hormone  - treated children during the first year and remained normal for the duration of the study. Height velocity was below normal in the children not given Human Growth Hormone .

There was a mean lean mass increase of 7.3 kg with Human Growth Hormone treatment compared with 4.4 kg with no treatment.

“Treatment with Human Growth Hormone did not seem to improve bone health in our prepubertal JIA children,” Dr. Simon and colleagues found. Bone mineralization and fat mass were similar in the two groups.

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Fasting glycemia was unchanged in either group. However, the investigators call attention to the finding that fasting serum insulin increased 5.2 mIU/liter in Human Growth Hormone  - treated children and dropped 2.3 mIU/liter in untreated controls.

“JIA children treated with Human Growth Hormone may be at increased risk for alterations in carbohydrate metabolism, because Human Growth Hormone may add to the effects of chronic inflammation and high-dose glucocorticoid therapy in inducing insulin resistance,” the team cautions.

Summing up, they conclude that “hgh growth hormone therapy in patients with JIA, when started before the onset of growth retardation, normalized prepubertal growth, thus preserving height potential.”

Tolerance and safety were acceptable, although the data indicated a need for closely monitoring the carbohydrate metabolism. In addition, our results on tolerance and safety should be interpreted with caution, given the short follow-up and small number of patients.