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Human Growth Hormones

Okay guy’s I’ve jumped right back into body building and have put on 5 lbs of muscle in two weeks, a gain that isn’t enough for my liking. I’m completely avoiding steroids, but right now I’m looking into buy growth hormone. As of now Im taking A Nitric Oxide Reactor which is essentially arginine, glutamine, and creatine. Is Cheap HGH safe with these chemicals, and is it overly harmful to my body.

  • “All I know is that purchase human growth hormone may increase your risk for cancer or the speed at which cancer can spread…it seems like pretty scary stuff…. ”
  • “Never heard of such side effects form HGH… After all its produced in the body, I dont think that the body would produce something which could increase your risk of cancer. I also dont think its the best solution for muscle growth, there are other supplements specializing in that. Though it will help, its main effect is to reverse the signs of aging. Read this article about HGH it will make things clear to you.”

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