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What are some of the signs of HGH depletion?

When our long bone growth is completed between ages 20 and 25, The brain’s pituitary and immune system lose their “motivation.” Instead of going to a balanced level, recombinant Growth Hormone(called HGH or GH) begins to decrease steadily and signs of aging appear. Studies show that canadian pharmacy GH continues to decline as we age. Therefore, to control or possibly reverse the effects of aging, we need to increase canadian GH. We know that as we age, we secrete less GH. The following can be some of the signs of GH depletion:

Wrinkles, Fine Lines
Poor Memory, Cognition
Thinning Hair
Lack of Enthusiasm
Sagging Skin – Including Under Biceps
Slow Nail Growth, Poor Condition of Cuticles
Diminishing Eye Sight
Graying Hair
Low Energy
Skin Problems
Too Much Weight Gain, Obesity
Weight Problems (Weight Loss and Weight Gain)
Slow Wound Healing Poor Stamina
Sleep Difficulties
Immune System Problems
Disease Conditions
Blood Pressure Low/High
Emotional Instability
Failing Sexual Performance
Lack of Muscle Tone
High Cholesterol (LDL Triglycerides)
Joint Problems

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