Super Human Growth Hormone

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Super Human Growth Hormone Benefits

HGH Benefits assessments on Strength, Exercise & Body Fat:

-showed an 88% increase in muscle strength
-showed an 81% increase in muscle size
-showed an 72% improvement in body fat loss
-showed an 81% improvement in exercise tolerance
-showed an 83% improvement in exercise endurance

HGH Benefits assessments Skin & Hair:

-showed a 71% improvement in skin texture
-showed a 68% improvement in skin thickness
-showed a 71% improvement in skin elasticity
-showed a 51% improvement on wrinkle disappearance
-showed a 38% improvement towards new hair growth

HGH Benefits for Healing, Flexibilty, & Resistance:

-showed a 55% improvement of healing old injuries
-showed a 61% improvement of healing other injuries
-showed a 71% improvement on healing capacity
-showed a 53% improvement on back flexibility
-showed a 73% improvement on resistance to common illness

HGH Benifits for Sexual Dysfunction Function:

-showed a 75% improvement in sexual potency and frequency
-showed a 62% improvement in the duration of penile erection
-showed a 57% improvement on frequency of nighttime urination
-showed a 58% improvement on hot flashes
-showed a 38% improvement on menstrual cycle regulation

HGH Benefits for Energy, Emotions, & Memory:

-showed a 84% improvement in energy levels
-showed a 67% improvement on emotional stabiltiy
-showed a 78% improvement on attitude towards life
-showed a 62% improvement in memory

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